In Boge, in northeast Gotland is Tjelvar's grave, a shipwreck erected during the latter part of the Bronze Age.
According to the Gutasagan, it was here that Tjelvar, the first human on Gotland, stepped ashore. Then Gotland was so enchanted that it sank into the sea in days to get up again at night.
When Tjelvar came, he brought fire with him, which broke the spell and the island stopped sinking.
The reality behind the tale is disputed, but this oak-aged whisky is based on a real legacy from our previous releases and the beginning of a new story.



Single malt whisky from Gotland, Sweden

Since the start our vision has been as clear as Gotland’s spring water and as natural as the barley grown in our fields. We want to surprise and delight whisky lovers all over the world with an excellent organic single malt, combining smokey Scottish tones with a distinct local character. 

Isle of Lime Tjelvar

Isle of Lime Trullaik

Kutkäldu Shareholders Edition III

Svaide Shareholders Edition II

Isle of Lime Salvorev



Shareholders Edition I

Isle of Lime Tjaukle

Isle of Lime Sangelstain

Isle of Lime Midaik

Isle of Lime Roma


Isle of Lime Ullahau

Isle of Lime Gotland


Gotlandic Oak 01


Shareholders by Shareholders EDITION V

Vardbjärg Shareholders Edition IV

Proudly produced
on Gotland, Sweden

Gotland. The largest and most mythical island in the Baltic Sea. Famous for its cultural heritage, vast beaches, cobblestone streets, limestone quarries and ancient sea stacks. With a brewing tradition going back to the Viking Age and the privilege of having the best soils in Sweden, a climate that is perfectly suited for agriculture and last but not least many years of experience in the field of sustainable and organic agriculture. Since 2012, Gotland is also known for its very own whisky, the Isle of Lime, an organic single malt that has achieved great success among whisky lovers.

and organic

Isle of Lime is produced, matured and bottled on the island of Gotland by Gotland Whisky AB. The organic barley is supplied by local farmers. The fresh water naturally flows from neighbourhood springs. Every bottle that leaves the distillery is KRAV-certified (KRAV is the Swedish organisation and member of IFAOM – International Federation of Organic Agriculture Movements). In order to create a product that’s as natural as possible we don’t add any flavour enhancements or colorants. We also refrain from chill filtration due to our strong believe that the substances lost in the process are important components providing the unique flavours, aromas and character of Isle of Lime.


The barley is malted and smoked on the south-eastern part of the island, in Ronehamn. This process occurs in a completely unique invention, a homemade malting and smoking equipment that only exists on Gotland. This invention guarantees a 100 % evenly distributed malt where every barley, as well as germ, achieves the same level of smokiness.